What to Expect at Your First Dance Class

First dance class

Close your eyes, breath, and just dance. – Anonymous

September is often referred to as the beginning of a new year. For many individuals, it can be the beginning of new activities and for some, that means they are getting ready to take their very first ballet class!

The Alberta Ballet School is among some of the best dance schools in the world and best dance academies in the world. Our instructors are experts with years of experience and are here to support new dancers on their ballet journey!

We know that it is always a benefit to go into your first class prepared – this list will help you understand what to expect at your first dance class.

What Will I Be Doing in My Ballet Class?

Most ballet classes follow a traditional structure. Beginning at the ballet barre, you will start with essential exercises that will create a basis for all of your other movements in ballet. As you become more experienced, you will gradually progress to movements that are faster, bigger, or more challenging. After barre work, the instructor will lead the class through center work where more steps, turns, and jumps will be introduced. Class typically ends with reverence – a series of bows, which are to thank the instructor and accompanist.

How Early Should I Be for My Ballet Class?

Try to be at least 10-15 minutes early for class. This will give you enough time to get changed if you are not already dressed for your ballet class, as well as give you time to find a spot at the barre and begin your warmup.

It is important to be considerate of not only your instructor’s time but also the time of other students in your ballet class. In some cases, rules on being late for a class are strict. Late students must obtain a late slip from reception and wait at the studio door to be invited into class by the teacher. This keeps the disruption to a minimum.

What Should I Wear to My Ballet Class?

In an open division class, there is usually no particular dress code to adhere too, but it is important for your teacher to be able to see your alignment. Due to this, we suggest bodysuit and tights or form-fitting yoga attire with hair pulled back into a ballet bun and ballet slippers.

During your class, you are likely going to work up a sweat! Please be aware of yourself and others, by using deodorant with that is unscented or that has a neutral scent. With that being said, please avoid the use of perfumes. While you may love your favorite scent, remember that it is a personal preference. Another reason to avoid perfume is that some people may have allergic reactions to certain substances.

The last recommendation on appearance is to please leave your jewelry at home. There is a danger of getting tangled in necklaces or accidentally hitting someone with a ring on. Let’s do our best to keep everyone safe.

What Should I Bring to My Ballet Class?

Every dancer should have a specific bag for their dance clothes and shoes.

When choosing a new dance bag, there are some important points to keep in mind. Think about the number of classes you will be taking. The more classes, the bigger your bag will need to be to fit everything in. Start packing your bag with your clothes and shoes – from your uniform leotard and white socks to your soft ballet slippers! Be sure to read more about what to keep in your dance bag, by reading our blog post.

How Will My Dancing Compare to Other Students?

Try your best not to compare yourself to other dancers. Ballet takes years to master and remember that everyone started out as a beginner once. It becomes a waste of time and energy to compare your abilities or progress anyone else!

For your first ballet class, relax and enjoy yourself! The instructors and staff at the Alberta Ballet School are here to help. If you have any other questions, please reach out!