What Comes Next for Alberta Ballet School Students?

What Comes Next for Alberta Ballet School Students?

When looking for the best dance studios in Calgary or the best dance studios in Edmonton, Alberta Ballet School routinely comes up in the results – and for good reason: Alberta Ballet School is the best ballet academy in the world, and it attracts talented dancers from across the globe.

Professional Division

Many students who pursue dance do so primarily for the recreational and social benefits dance brings. For some students, however, dance is a passion they wish to pursue with vigour. Our Calgary-based Professional Division is geared toward aspiring professional dancers in junior high and high school and provides those students the opportunity to seamlessly combine their artistic and academic studies.

Post-Graduate Program

Alberta Ballet School’s Professional Division offers a two-year to nurture aspiring dancers who have already met the requirements of a high school diploma. Admission to this 35-hour dance week program, which includes ballet technique, pointe, men’s technique, contemporary, pas de deux, conditioning, repertoire (classical + contemporary), variations (men’s + women’s), and career transitions, is based on an audition. The overall goal of the program is to set students up for success as professional dancers.

Alberta Ballet Trainee Program

In partnership with the Alberta Ballet Company, Alberta Ballet School also offers a Alberta Ballet Trainee Program to bridge the gap between training and a career in dance. This avant-garde one-year program was created for incredibly talented dancers who are on the brink of professional dance careers. Students for the tuition-free, full-time program are selected from the post-graduate program and through an international audition tour. Dancers study a variety of techniques and subjects, including ballet, pointe, contemporary class, pas de deux, repertoire, and career planning at Alberta Ballet School or at the Alberta Ballet Company.

A Professional Career in Dance

Alberta Ballet School provides students with the support and opportunities required to pursue a professional career in dance. For more than 30 years, we have been part of the success stories of leading dancers around the world. You can read some of our alumni’s stories here.

A World Outside of Dance

Some students ultimately choose to pursue studies or employment outside of dance. Their time at Alberta Ballet School sets them up for success here, too. The lessons they learn and the discipline they develop are transferable skills that will help carry them throughout their lives. The training our dancers receive extends far past the studio and onto the world stage – wherever that may be. In the words of one of our alumnae, Jamie Stark, who pursued a double major in mathematics and chemistry at Dalhousie following her work with the Alberta Ballet Company, “I think the most important thing about the training I received with Alberta Ballet School was a high level of confidence that I could achieve anything I set my mind to.”

If you are contemplating “what comes next,” we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Contact us today to reach out to our faculty!