Three Reasons Students Join Alberta Ballet School

Three Reasons Students Join Alberta Ballet School

Alberta Ballet School is one of the best ballet schools in the world so it’s not surprising students love to dance here! In this blog, we share three reasons why students join our world-renowned dance school.

Unparalleled Training

When students join Alberta Ballet School, they receive unparalleled instruction. For more than 30 years, we have been training dancers of all ages, levels, and abilities and providing first-in-class dance education. Our dynamic, experienced faculty emphasizes developing strength, technique, and artistry – from our preschool-level classes through to our most senior Professional Division students and everyone in between. Whether a student is dancing for recreation or has hopes of dancing on the world stage, our supportive staff are with them every step of the way.

All Alberta Ballet School classes are led by a team of highly acclaimed creative teachers and all our ballet classes are accompanied by live musicians.

Academic Credits

At Alberta Ballet School, Enrichment Program students attending high school are eligible to register in our Credit Program. Students in this program can receive up to 15 high school credits over three years through Alberta Ballet School, which will be reported on their Alberta Education transcript. Students can also earn credits through our Diploma Program, which provides a credential for students that recognizes the many hours of training and practice they have devoted to dance. This Diploma helps develop students’ ballet technique, creativity, artistry, and musicality. Over the course of the three-year program, students may receive credits in 15, 25, and 35-level courses. Students who enter the program in Grade 11 or 12 may be eligible to obtain the Diploma but may not receive all course credits prior to graduation.

Professional Division students have a unique way to earn credits: by completing their academic programming through our accredited private school. Students in grades 7-12 take on-site classes that allow them to complete the requirements for an internationally recognized Alberta High School Diploma and graduate with the qualifications required to enter post-secondary studies. All students study Alberta Provincial curricula including Mathematics, Science (Biology and Chemistry in grades 11 and 12), Social Studies, and English Language Arts. Our Junior High program includes a diverse range of academic courses and electives Music History, French as a Second Language, Deep Water Conditioning, Choral, Drama, and Art. As with our Credit Program, students can receive up to 15 credits for their dance training, which may be applied toward their high school diploma.


Non-local students in our Professional Division have an opportunity to participate in our Residence Program. This multicultural setting provides students with a home away from home and balances structured supervision, community-focused culture, and a setting for rest, relaxation, and physical recovery. It also helps students become self-sufficient and independent in a supportive setting with supervision from Alberta Ballet School’s caring and committed Residence Team and the entire Alberta Ballet School community.

Alberta Ballet School’s residence is on its own private floor in Mount Royal University’s West Residence – Building D. Alberta Ballet School’s Residence Program includes accommodation in a secure building with full-time, on-site staff, a comprehensive meal plan, and daily transportation to and from school.

Are you ready to take the next step and join Alberta Ballet School? Contact us today!