The Traits of a Great Dancer

Reach Your Dance Goals with Helpful Advice from Alberta Ballet School

In order to be a great dancer, you must be able to understand how to use your body to effectively convey feelings and stories through movement. While professional dancers make this look easy, their seemingly effortless abilities are actually the result of more than just natural talent. In reality, there are a number of traits that all good dancers must have. The good news is, these are traits that can be learned, developed and mastered over time. If you are interested in pursuing dance as a professional career or simply as an art form, it’s time to consider enrolling in dance classes at our academy in Calgary. We can help you nurture your raw talent and develop all the traits that are necessary to become the best dancer you can be.

5 Traits that Make Great Dancers

There is so much more to being a successful dancer than having just talent. If you have a love and appreciation for dance, that is a good place to start and from there, you can focus and build on the following five traits that make a great dancer:

  1. Patience: Learning ballet will take time and effort. Even if you have natural talent, there are no quick fixes and it can take weeks, months or even years to perfect certain skills or movements. You are bound to encounter obstacles and make many mistakes along the way which require a great deal of patience to work through.
  2. Enthusiasm: When you think of ballet, hopefully the first thought that comes to mind is excitement. This type of dance requires a lot of hard work and if you aren’t feeling enthusiastic about it, you may have a long and difficult road ahead. Lacking the passion to learn, practice or even watch other great dancers perform, may prevent you from reaching the level of greatness you desire, as ballet is heavily dependent on this emotion.
  3. Determination: Understanding that mastering ballet will take time and effort can give you the motivation and determination to work through every setback. Even when you feel like you aren’t making any progress at all, a strong sense of determination and the will to keep going will eventually pay off and can even help you discover where you’re going wrong so you can improve upon it.
  4. Discipline: Practice makes perfect and as dancers, we know this to be true. If you want to become great at your craft, you need to practice discipline at all times. For instance, you need to understand when to prioritize your other daily activities, in order to dedicate the amount of time that is necessary for practicing dance.
  5. Confidence: You must believe in your abilities as a dancer and more importantly, believe in yourself. Confidence in the progress you continuously make will help feed your determination to learn a new challenge.

Want to Become a Great Dancer? Enroll in Our Dance Classes in Calgary

If you are ready to begin pursuing your dancing dreams, enrolling at Alberta Ballet School is a good place to start. No matter what stage you’re at on your dancing journey, we offer both open and professional division programs which provide you with the opportunity to select the most suitable course based on your desired level of learning and training. In addition to our regular programming, we also offer adult dance lessons in Calgary because we believe everyone deserves the chance to explore this art form to its fullest. As a student, you will learn how to focus on and develop the traits that make great dancers, from our caring and qualified team of instructors. Whether you are simply interested in dancing recreationally or go on to have a professional career, we provide a fun, safe, creative and disciplined environment for you to hone your skills and flourish as a dancer.

For more information about any of our dance programs, please give us a call at 403-245-2274 ext. 722 or fill out our online contact form and we will be happy to assist you. Everyone is welcome to train and take dance classes at our dance academy in Edmonton and Calgary.