What to Expect as an Alberta Ballet School Professional Division Dancer

Alberta Ballet School | 8 Apr 2022

Three Reasons Why Students Join Alberta Ballet School  Alberta Ballet School is one of the best ballet schools in the world – and for good reason! Unparalleled Training When students join Alberta Ballet School, they receive …

The Golden Time to Start Training Professionally

Alberta Ballet School | 30 Oct 2021

Your child dreams of being a professional ballerina – maybe even a principal dancer! What do you need to do, and when should they start training? Find a Reputable School Your first step is to find …

Dance Your Way to Better Health During Menopause

Alberta Ballet School | 28 Sep 2021

As women transition to different phases in life, hormonal fluctuations are inevitable. Every woman will experience menopause differently, but studies indicate movement is proven to reduce symptoms. Adopting exercise into your lifestyle is a change that …

Five Values Ballet Teachers Should Instill in Their Students

Alberta Ballet School | 16 Sep 2021

Alberta Ballet School students across all ages and skill levels thrive under the instruction of quality, professional and compassionate teachers. A shared love of ballet and a shared value set can help build a dancer’s resiliency …

Common Foot Problems and How to Prevent Them

Alberta Ballet School | 10 Aug 2021

Ballet dancers put in hours and hours of training to make their movements look completely effortless. However, all dancers know that it requires practice, strength, and flexibility to master these movements, and even the best dancers …

Why Ballet is Great for College or University Students

Alberta Ballet School | 5 Aug 2021

Being a student can be stressful at times! That is why at Alberta Ballet School, we recommend students consider taking dance classes in Calgary or looking into our dance studios in Edmonton. Ballet can be a …


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