How to Prepare for Your Virtual Programming Classes

Alberta Ballet School | 25 Aug 2020

The Alberta Ballet School staff, instructors and IT department have been working hard to bring the very best online programming to our students. Alberta Ballet School’s Virtual Open Division Programs consist of two unique elements allowing …

Mature Dancers: Beginner ballet isn’t just for kids

Alberta Ballet School | 17 Mar 2020

“Trust me, you can dance.” Stories of dancers seem to always begin with a reference to getting into a studio at a young age. This perception can be intimidating – and the dance community is working …

Alberta Ballet School: Faculty Profile

Alberta Ballet School | 10 Mar 2020

Diane van Schoor Alberta Ballet School is pleased to feature our talented faculty monthly. The foundation of our school is built on the incredible level of expertise, experience, and professionalism that are cornerstones of each of …

What Muscles Does Ballet Strengthen?

Alberta Ballet School | 30 Jan 2020

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.” A ballet dancer’s movements can be elegant and airy. They train so that their performance looks effortless and graceful, however the technique required for …

Let Me See Your Diamonds! Mastering improving turnout in adults in Ballet

Alberta Ballet School | 22 Jan 2020

Whether a student is part of Alberta Ballet School’s professional division or they are dancing recreationally with us, they will hear their ballet teacher say “cheek to cheek smiles” or “let me see your diamonds”. What …

Top 5 Misconceptions About Ballet Dancers

Alberta Ballet School | 20 Jan 2020

What comes to mind when you think of “ballet”? How about a “ballerina” or a “ballet dancer”? Most might picture someone who is elegant, graceful, and tiny with perfect posture. Maybe you see pink? A fluffy …