How to Prepare for Your Virtual Programming Classes

Alberta Ballet School | 25 Aug 2020

The Alberta Ballet School staff, instructors and IT department have been working hard to bring the very best online programming to our students. Alberta Ballet School’s Virtual Open Division Programs consist of two unique elements allowing …

Why Every College Student Should Take a Ballet Class

Alberta Ballet School | 10 Dec 2020

Find Adult Dance Programs in Edmonton and Calgary If you’re a post-secondary student, adding another activity to your busy schedule might seem like an impossible task to take on. However, you’ll need to take a break …

Tips for Improving Your Ballet Posture

Alberta Ballet School | 25 Nov 2020

Practical Advice from Your Dance Academy in Edmonton Ballerinas are known for their exquisite lines. In ballet, perfecting and maintaining the correct posture to achieve ideal forms and movement takes years of hard work and dedication. …

Top Tips for Male Ballet Dancers

Alberta Ballet School | 18 Nov 2020

A Guide for Dance Students in Edmonton and Calgary Male ballet dancers possess many admirable qualities. They are reliably strong and make excellent partners in class. Since ballet is a traditionally female dominated art form, male …

Enjoy the Benefits of Dancing

Alberta Ballet School | 10 Nov 2020

Sign Up for Dance Classes in Calgary and Edmonton Dancing, like any art form, plays a significant role in the human experience. It is a fun and creative way to reduce stress, stay healthy, make friends …

4 Reasons Winter is the Best Season to Learn Ballet

Alberta Ballet School | 20 Oct 2020

With the days becoming shorter and shorter, we know that winter is right around the corner. The winter season can be a long one when you are in Calgary or Edmonton, which is why it is …