Keeping Pre-schoolers Moving: Using Dance to Teach Creativity and Confidence

Pre school dance classes

“Why walk when you can dance?”

Mom’s across Calgary and Edmonton know the importance of keeping their busy pre-school aged children moving. In cities with rich culture and prioritization of the arts there is no shortage of options to start instilling the joy of music and dance.

“I am often asked, what age is best to enroll a child in dance?” admits pre-school dance instructor, Catherine LeBlanc. “I know that pre-school is an excellent time to start getting children excited about music and movement.”

At Alberta Ballet School, we believe that every child is unique, but we know that pre-school is an excellent time to start routine and catalyze a love for dance and music. Alberta Ballet School has noticed that most 3-year-olds feel independent and comfortable enough to get the most out of an Alberta Ballet School class.

“In my pre-school class we focus on gross and fine motor movements and we learn important skills in listening, creativity, and confidence,” explains Catherine. “It’s exciting to watch young dancers exploring music and challenging themselves to move in new ways. That’s what early dance is all about!”

What can you expect in our pre-school classes?

Alberta Ballet School’s dedicated and experienced teachers promote teamwork and a structured routine while nurturing each pre-schooler’s creativity. Our classes provide inspiration for these young dancers in a fun and engaging environment.

  • Weekly classes are 30-45 minutes in length
  • Each class is accompanied by a talented, live pianist
  • Classes focus on exploration of creative movement and music
  • Students build on skills each class – developing coordination, understanding of rhythm and musicality
  • New skills learned by students each week build self-esteem

What should your child know before registering for our preschool class?

  1. Great listening skills are essential
    In class, children will learn more about their own spatial awareness and coordination. This will help them develop their gross and fine motor skills. Children that can attentively listen to our teacher’s direction will thrive – and stay safe.
  2. Interest in music makes the experience more fun
    Our classes can be the first-time pre-schoolers experience live music. There is an excitement in each student as they realize someone will be there to play music just for them. We know that by having a live-accompanist child significantly grow their musicality. They learn to move to different time-signatures, gain exposure to different styles of music, and start to understand the important link between music and movement. Children who have already taken an interest in music, instruments, and dance are very satisfied in Alberta Ballet School classes. If you a movie lover then checkout movierulz apk.
  3. Bathroom basics allow free-flowing fun
    We ask parents to make sure children are potty-trained before enrolling in a pre-school class. Like other pre-school activities this allows teachers to stay focused on the weekly learning objectives.

What skills will your preschool-aged child learn in our classes?

  • Movement fundamentals
  • Artistic appreciation
  • Athletic abilities
  • Social and Teamwork Skills

At this age, Alberta Ballet School teachers are focused on teaching the fundamentals of movement. We are encouraging the class to explore how their body moves – while challenging them to move in ways that are new to them.

“Watching a young dancer try moving in a new way is so rewarding. As the teacher I’m asking them to try things they have never tried before – I love seeing them build their confidence and get excited about pushing themselves to try new things,” beams Catherine. “And, watching them get excited for one another is so gratifying. I love watching them explore friendship too.”

Our pre-school classes are great for a child’s social development; our teachers encourage students to work together and build friendships – and they work to cultivate these skills and relationships class after class.

From art and gymnastics to soccer and swimming – whether your child’s other extracurricular activities are athletic or artistic the skills they learn in our pre-school classes are transferable and transformational.

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At the Alberta Ballet School, we want to encourage and foster the joy of movement and dance for years to come! Alberta Ballet School offers pre-school classes in Edmonton and Calgary year-round.

Our pre-school registration opens at multiple times throughout the year.

If you have any questions regarding our pre-school programs contact our team.

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