How to Overcome Dancer Burnout

How to Overcome Dancer Burnout

Work through Burnout at Our Dance Studios in Edmonton and Calgary

Constant and rigorous dance training without adequate rest can put the body under a significant amount of strain, leading to dreaded burnout. Burnout happens when dancers push their bodies beyond what it is physically and mentally capable of handling. While symptoms can vary, common signs may include fatigue, muscle weakness and recurrent injuries. Burnout does not discriminate, affecting both male and female dancers of all ages and abilities, with those most likely reaching this stage as a result of setting extremely high standards for themselves. Therefore, understanding your limits and how to handle burnout should be a top priority for every dancer. When you take dance classes at our dance studios in Calgary or Edmonton, our instructors will not only help you become a better dancer, but we will also teach you how to maintain a balanced training schedule that doesn’t result in burnout.

6 Tips for Overcoming Burnout in Dance

Burnout can manifest in both professional and non-professional dancers, due to an imbalance between intense physical activity and recovery time. In order to recover and avoid future burnout, dancers must learn how to find a healthy balance between both of these factors. Read on to learn about how dancers can better manage and overcome burnout:

  • Practice Self-Care: When you’re maintaining a gruelling dance schedule, there is often very little time left for yourself. To avoid burning out, it is especially important to take a personal day each week to relax and enjoy the other aspects of your life that bring you happiness. Taking a day off from physical activity is enough time for your body to recover which will ultimately improve your power, flexibility and endurance.
  • Live a Balanced Lifestyle: Eating well and getting enough sleep are two of the most important things you can do to maintain your health in addition to exercising. Try and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night to help your body physically recover from intense training which will also reduce feelings of fatigue. Also, eating regular, healthy meals will ensure your body receives the fuel it needs to perform.
  • Avoid Training When Injured: Dance training can do more harm than good to your mind and body, especially if you are in the middle of dealing with an illness or chronic injury. Physical rest will help you achieve a better performance and aid you in avoiding prolonged fatigue.
  • Mix it Up: Practicing the same dance routine over and over again may become tiresome, so keep your brain sharp by working on another routine that is more challenging for you. By not remaining stagnant in one routine, you can ensure that you are constantly growing as a dancer.
  • Set Attainable Goals: Nothing burns you out faster than setting big goals that feel impossible to reach. That’s why it’s important to set smaller goals that are easier to reach in the short-term to prevent the unnecessary pressure that typically leads to burnout. Setting small goals helps you avoid tedious repetition and keeps you engaged.
  • Find Outside Inspiration: If you are feeling the burnout, take a step back and focus on the world outside of the dance studio. For instance, you could read a book, see a movie or explore your city to recharge and find creative inspiration.

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If you are feeling the dancer burnout, you are not alone. Fortunately, the sooner you can identify the signs and symptoms of a full-scale burnout, the more effectively you can manage it and get back to your dance-loving self. At our dance studios, instructors are not only trained in teaching you how to dance and do it well, but we also emphasize the importance of listening to the needs of your mind and body throughout the process. We believe that spending time learning how to attend to these needs can ultimately rejuvenate your physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. Whether you are learning how to dance for the first time or pursuing a professional career, we have the perfect program waiting for you at Alberta Ballet School.

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