How to Boost Your Motivation to Dance

How to Boost Your Motivation to Dance

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As a dancer, excelling in your craft requires more than simply spending a few hours of your time each week at the dance studio. Rather, it requires a high degree of training, commitment and a lot of motivation. The good news is that there are several things you can do to spark your motivation and pull yourself out of a slump. Find your drive and passion for dance again at our dance academies in Edmonton and Calgary. We can help you get started and maintain the focus that is necessary to achieve your dancing goals.

12 Highly Effective Ways to Stay Motivated

As a dancer, there are many strategies that you can follow in order to motivate yourself to reach your goals. If you feel unmotivated from time to time, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the following tips can help you feel re-energized and motivated to dance your very best:

  1. Set Goals: When you don’t feel motivated, thinking about your goals and how you are going to achieve them can help reignite your inner fire. Additionally, the purpose of having goals is to also help you make the right decisions if you become distracted and unmotivated.
  2. Celebrate the Small Wins: In dance, it’s important to recognize even the smallest of victories. Share what you have learned with family or friends and be ready to receive encouraging responses that may help to rebuild your confidence.
  3. Find Inspiration: When it’s hard to motivate yourself, look to other dancers for inspiration. There are countless videos posted by dancers that are available on platforms such as YouTube. Learn a trick or two from these performers and challenge yourself by incorporating their moves into your own routine.
  4. Try Something New: If you feel stuck in a rut, try changing your habits. Doing something out of the ordinary in class, whether it’s standing somewhere other than your usual spot when in studio, performing a new move, or even wearing something different can make a huge difference in your outlook.
  5. Go Back to your Roots: If you have lost your spark, think back and remember why you wanted to pursue dance in the first place. Once you remember that moment in time, your passion and motivation will likely return to you.
  6. Try a Different Dance Style: If you have spent your dance career trying to master one style of dance, it can be hard to set new goals and find the motivation to continue. Instead, try out a different genre of dance which can help broaden your perspective and help you learn a new move or two.
  7. Embrace Failure: Recognizing failure will push you beyond your comfort zone and help you explore your boundaries and capabilities. The more times you fail, the more likely you are to succeed in the long-run.
  8. Accept the Bad Days: In dancing, you often don’t have control over your good days and bad days. However, the worst thing you can do on those bad days is to force your way through it. This will likely leave you stressed which will negatively impact the way you dance. Instead, walk away and come back fresh the next day.
  9. Take Time Off: Dancing should be about having fun. If life is getting in the way and you find yourself more frustrated than not in the studio, it’s time to take a break. There is nothing wrong with taking time off from dance, as long as you have the intention of coming back to it when you’re ready.
  10. Set Healthy Expectations: Placing high expectations on yourself and struggling to meet them is a sure-fire way to quickly lose your motivation. Instead, set healthy expectations and goals that are reachable.
  11. Go Outside: Leaving the studio to take a walk or get a cup of coffee can help clear your head so you can feel rested and inspired in-between practices.

Find Your Motivation at Our Dance Academy in Edmonton and Calgary

Like any feeling, motivation has its own peaks and valleys. As dancers, there are times where you may feel strong and driven to achieve extraordinary feats. And then there are the days, weeks or even months where you may lose sight of your goals. While a lack of motivation can often feel disheartening, it happens to the best of us.

Alberta Ballet School is a safe and inclusive space that encourages the health and happiness of all students, helping you to remain more motivated than you ever thought possible. We have open division as well as professional division programs to ensure that dancers of all skill levels can find a class that is the most suitable for them. Learn from highly qualified and experienced instructors who are here to acknowledge and support each and every step you take towards your dancing goals, no matter how big or small they may be.

For more information about any of our dance programs, please give us a call at 403-245-2274 ext. 722 or fill out our online contact form and we will be happy to assist you. Everyone is welcome to train and take dance classes at our dance academy in Edmonton and Calgary.