Five Values Ballet Teachers Should Instill in Their Students

Alberta Ballet School students across all ages and skill levels thrive under the instruction of quality, professional and compassionate teachers. A shared love of ballet and a shared value set can help build a dancer’s resiliency and passion for the art form. While there are many values important for teachers to instill in their students, the following are focus areas at Alberta Ballet School.


Discipline is fundamental to the other values in this list. Discipline builds structure and outlines the expectations we have of our dancers. Ballet requires a lot of precision and focus to perfect each movement and to learn choreographies. This learning would not be possible without practice, dedication, and routine all of which are qualities of a disciplined dancer. To support discipline amongst our dancers, Alberta Ballet School offers an extensive health and wellness program. Physical and mental health is of the utmost importance to our dancers. Our certified team of experts from sports nutrition to performance psychologists are available to work closely with each dancer to develop a deep-rooted foundation in discipline.


Professional leadership fosters a culture of respect and support. This helps build strong connections among dancers and minimizes conflict. Aspects of professionalism, such as integrity, responsibility, commitment, and accountability, contribute to a dancer’s success. Our team of leaders at Alberta Ballet School is dedicated to nurturing our students and providing them with the keys to success.

Care and Compassion

Compassion through empathy builds trust and confidence and helps create meaningful social connections. Building those connections are important for teachers to give notes and corrections on how a dancer can improve their performance. Compassionate care helps to lessen stress and anxiety. Teachers who care can also support dancers to reduce possible injuries and speed up recovery times.

Fun and Creativity

While there are benefits to the structure and rigidity that ballet provides, there also needs to be a balance. It is important to foster creativity and to encourage students to have fun while they explore their sense of self. Giving students the space to express themselves creatively and embrace a sense of play supports relationship building, reduces stress, and contributes to our fifth value…

A lifelong love of dance

Continued practice of dance, of course, benefits the dancer’s physical, mental and social well-being. But dance as an art form is accessible to everyone as it can be used to convey an idea or to tell stories. Dance is considered a universal language that can break down language and cultural barriers. For instance, ballet audiences may appreciate the costumes, music, and movement while seasoned performers may appreciate the complexity and technicality of choreography, but they all share a love of dance. Our programs are offered to all age groups, ranging from pre-school to adults, in Dance Classes Calgary and at our Dance Academy Edmonton. The love of dance and practice may start at any phase of life.

As you can see, each of these five values is linked and build upon one another. Alberta Ballet School teachers want the best for our students, and we understand that teachers are a critical component of our students’ attitudes toward ballet. At Alberta Ballet School, we remain focused on these core values to ensure students are supported whether they wish to practice the craft for themselves, or perform professionally.