Dance Your Way to Better Health During Menopause

As women transition to different phases in life, hormonal fluctuations are inevitable. Every woman will experience menopause differently, but studies indicate movement is proven to reduce symptoms. Adopting exercise into your lifestyle is a change that will help you cope as your body is changing.

As a woman’s body is depleted of estrogen, there is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. When estrogen levels decline, levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (the harmful kind) lead to a build-up of fat and cholesterol in the arteries, contributing to heart disease. Exercise is the best way to combat these threats. Keep reading for the benefits of attending adult ballet classes at Alberta Ballet School.

Movement prevents weight gain.

Due to the drop in estrogen levels, metabolism and muscle tone are affected. While muscle mass diminishes with age, fat storage levels increase – particularly in the abdomen area. At Alberta Ballet School, our adult dance classes are offered to different experience levels, focusing on improving posture, balance, strength, and flexibility in a fun, relaxed environment. Our classes build muscle and burn calories – thus creating a sustained increase in metabolism.

Strengths bone density.

Menopausal women are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis. Additionally, joints may also become stiff and achy. A minimum of 30-minutes of exercise can slow loss, lowering the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. The small isometric muscle movements during ballet classes build muscle strength, improve flexibility, promote elegant posture, and demands endurance. All of which are the key pillars of bone health. Our classes at Alberta Ballet School are created to focus on the foundations of technique improving quality of life.

Reduces the risk of other diseases.

Some of the changes occurring in your body during menopause put you at a greater of disease. Common health risk for menopausal women is developing type 2 diabetes. Your metabolism slows, and you aren’t burning calories as efficiently. Staying active is important to avoid and health complications.

Boost self-esteem.

Think of this as dance therapy, a mind-body connection to lift your overall image. Most symptoms of menopause may result in a loss of confidence. Attending our classes improves coordination, agility, and aerobic capability. All things that translate to positive self-esteem and self-image. At Alberta Ballet School, we also foster our relationships with all our participants creating a strong community connection. Having a space to build social connections helps in the development of confidence.

By incorporating ballet into your daily routine for 30-minutes, women going through menopause will notice positive health changes quickly. By dedicating time to move, you will see increased improvements in balance, flexibility, posture, strength, heart health, and self-image. If you’re looking for classes at dance studios in Edmonton, register for one of our five programs here. For Alberta Ballet School’s adult classes in Calgary, we offer four programs with fall sessions now started.