How to Deal with Ballet Injuries: Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery

Alberta Ballet School | 20 Jul 2023

Ballet is a graceful and demanding art form that requires precision, strength, and flexibility. Alberta Ballet School prioritizes the health and wellness of all dancers to ensure all students have a safe environment to learn and …

How Ballet Can Help with Posture and Alignment

Alberta Ballet School | 20 Jun 2023

At Alberta Ballet School, we are sensitive to the impact that dance, like any sport, can have on an athlete’s body. We have specifically designed a health and wellness focus into our programming to ensure that …

The Different Types of Ballet: Exploring the Styles and Techniques

Alberta Ballet School | 14 Jun 2023

Ballet is a graceful and elegant art form that has captivated audiences for centuries. While it may appear to be a singular art, ballet actually encompasses various styles and techniques that contribute to its rich and …

Summer Programming at Alberta Ballet School

Alberta Ballet School | 13 Apr 2023

As a parent, summers can be challenging – you want to keep your children busy, entertained, and fulfilled, for their benefit and yours. While Alberta Ballet School’s programming largely takes place during the regular school-year, we …

What Is Contemporary Dance? Benefits Of Contemporary Dance Training

Alberta Ballet School | 15 Mar 2023

Contemporary dance has grown significantly in popularity over the last 70 years. Borrowing techniques from ballet, jazz, and modern dance, it has created a fanbase across the globe – with both dancers and audiences. The heart …