Alberta’s Dance Capital

A lot is going on in Edmonton – we have one of the largest malls on the continent, the Alberta Legislature that houses our provincial government, and the stunning River Valley. Edmonton has an extraordinary art and culture scene, which includes dance! The University of Alberta offers a widely recognized dance program specializing in ballet and ballet barre. As the ballet community in Edmonton continues to grow, Alberta Ballet School aims to be a supportive part of this community. 

Alberta Ballet Preschool classes in Edmonton

In each of our studios, we offer classes geared to students of all ages and skill levels. The best place to start is at the beginning, from the young ages of 3-5. These classes are a wonderful way for young children to dip their toes in the dance pond in a safe and welcoming environment. It’s an exceptional way to begin the physical literacy journey that all young children learn. Finally, our classes are fun to meet new friends, learn about music, and developing confidence and self-esteem. For our preschool-age students, we offer classes of various lengths to better tailor to each little one’s needs. Currently, most of our preschool classes in Edmonton take place on Saturdays. 

Quality Training in a Fun and Inspiring Studio Environment

The overall experience at Alberta Ballet School has been intentionally designed to create a welcoming and exciting environment for all students who walk (and dance!) through our doors. Our instructors are selected to deliver the specialized learnings of our world-class ballet curriculum to the appropriate group receiving instruction. Our classes are guided by the faculty of the school, guest teachers, and Alberta Ballet’s professional dancers. We also offer a variety of class options so we can meet students where they are, facilitating growth at a steadier and more comfortable pace. Wherever you are in your ballet journey, we are here to help you succeed. 

In Edmonton, Alberta Ballet School offers programming six days a week. Classes take place in the Ruth Carse Centre for Dance, named for one of Alberta Ballet’s founders, Ruth Carse. The center includes several dance companies, organically placing students in an environment where they can gain inspiration and be fully immersed in dance culture. It also offers spacious venues for our classes, full change rooms, free parking, and a lounge for all of our participants in the front lobby. 

Classes for Everybody in Edmonton

At Alberta Ballet School, we separate our classes into age groups to meet physical literacy abilities, all while facilitating improved socialization and better friendships. We offer classes for preschool-age students (3-5), youth (6-11), teens (12-18), and adults (18+). 

Youth & Teens

We have two streams available for our youth and teen dancers, ages 6 and up; recreational classes and the enrichment program. Our recreational classes are available for students just getting started in dance or looking to supplement their extracurricular activities. Students in the recreational stream can take 1-2 classes per week and are offered in various styles, including ballet and jazz.

The enrichment program is a more focused program than the recreational stream, with more comprehensive instruction for students interested in strengthening their dance skills. The enrichment stream allows for multiple classes per week, and programs are customizable to a dancer’s interests. This allows them to add classes to the base program to suit their goals and preferred level of intensity. We would be happy to discuss the various classes we offer, and which combination might be best for you or your child. 

Adult Classes

All adult classes are open to all students 16 and over to participate in. We invite adults of varying skill levels to join in a class that is best suited to them, whether you are just getting started or you have some familiarity with dance. Even if our classes have already started, you are always welcome to join – give us a call to determine where might be best to place you, and we’ll ensure you’re registered. The levels available for our adult classes include:

  • Beginner: you’ve had little to no experience with ballet; you will learn the basics of posture and positions in ballet
  • Ballet 1: you’ve dabbled in ballet and have 1-2 years of previous experience and understand basic dance technique and vocabulary; you will learn simple combinations of steps and short phrases focusing on the foundations of technique, and overall enjoyment of dance
  • Ballet 2: you have 3-4 years of previous experience; focus on improving technique, strength, and alignment, as well as developing an understanding of more complex movement phrases
  • Ballet 3 & 4: minimum 5 years of experience and an intermediate level of dance technique and vocabulary; a fast-paced class with an increase in complexity of length of exercises and phrases, with dancers expected to actively apply corrections 
  • Ballet Barre Fitness: covers the core principles of ballet barre work, aiming to strengthen and lengthen muscles, improve posture and increase flexibility; the barre is used as a support to balance while executing exercises that focus on isometric and dynamic strength training

Edmonton is a hub for ballet and dance, and Alberta Ballet School aims to support this by creating a warm and welcoming space for dancers. With the wide variety of classes, we offer in this city, we are confident you will find the right fit. Should you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at edmontonstudios@albertaballet.com, give us a call at 780-702-4725 x507 or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to seeing you dance in our space very soon!