Alberta Ballet School Programs

Alberta Ballet School has a variety of programs in which all ages participate. No matter where students are joining us in their journey, we guarantee preparation for a well-rounded curriculum that will prepare them for a dance career, should they decide to pursue that path. Students can participate in this journey in a variety of ways:

  • Classes for students 3-11
  • The Enrichment Program
  • Professional Division for Grades 7-12 and Postgraduate

Alberta Ballet School’s classes are a great way for you and your child to assess early if they would like to pursue dance as a long-term career. The earlier they start, the more time they have to refine their skills.

Preschool students (ages 3-5) attend one 30–45-minute class per week, where they explore creative movement, develop coordination and understanding of rhythm, and build confidence and self-esteem. Youths (ages 6-11) may attend up to two classes per week in the styles of ballet or jazz, with no previous experience required. Youth can continue to explore their physical literacy and artistic journey while improving the technical piece of their dance journey. Each class is accompanied by our talented live pianists.

For students who decide to embark on a professional career path, Alberta Ballet School supports them in a variety of programs. Keep reading to learn more.


For students who aspire to a professional dance career, our professional division includes academic and artistic training, post-graduate, and a trainee program.

Our Professional Division Program provides a blend of academic and artistic training to young dancers in grades 7-12. The school day is divided into daily academic and artistic instruction. Through our artistic training, students will receive a curriculum developed from Cecchetti, Vaganova, and French systems of training. This classical approach emphasizes the dancer’s art form through body alignment, technique, musicality, and artistry.

Academically, students will receive an on-site private school education in Mathematics, Science (Biology and Chemistry), Social Studies, and Language Arts. Electives are available to round out the student’s education which have ranged from Music History, French, Deep Water Conditioning, Choral, Drama, and Art. Our experienced university-trained faculty members have kept our students in the top 48% of top performers in the province of Alberta, with students scoring 80% or higher on grade 12 diplomas. To learn more about our academic and artistic offerings, download this guidebook.

Our Professional Division students have access to an off-campus residence at Mount Royal University. Students will enjoy a private floor with full-time security, on-site staff, and a comprehensive meal plan. The residency allows students to develop fundamental skills such as self-resilience and independence.

Another unique offering for students who have completed their high school diploma is our Post-Graduate Program. This is a two-year program for students who are seeking additional training before auditioning for a professional company. This extensive, 35-hour dance week program preps dancers for future employment. For additional information, and to see if this is the right fit for you, download this guidebook.

Finally, for top-level dancers on the verge of professional success, we offer the Alberta Ballet Trainee Program. This is a one-year program with collaborative efforts of the Alberta Ballet School and Alberta Ballet Company. This full-time program is available annually from September – June.


At Alberta Ballet School, we understand the commitment a family makes, and the decision for a student to move away from home. That’s why we offer a warm and welcoming environment to ensure a positive experience. Together our faculty provides a safe, inclusive, and supportive setting for students to flourish.

Our Academic faculty has an English Language Learner (ELL) Instructor who assists all our international students. Once accepted, students will participate in an ESL assessment to determine proficiency. Depending on proficiency levels, students will work with the ELL instructor individually or in small groups to strengthen their fluency.

For students looking to move from overseas and need assistance with Study Permits, the Admissions Departments can work with you directly to obtain the appropriate documents. Additionally, our team is available to help you navigate various immigration issues to stay in Canada. For more information visit our International Students page.


Deciding on a career path as a professional dancer is an exciting one. We are dedicated to providing support every step of the way. Wherever you are in your journey, we are here to guide you into the right program for optimal success.

Dancers currently looking to participate in the 2023 Summer Intensive and 2023-2024 Program, registration is now open. Auditions are open to students around the world to immerse in our 3-week curriculum.

For all other inquiries, fill out this form today. For the Calgary office, call (403) 245-2274 x722. The Professional Division office hours are Monday-Friday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm MST.


The mental and physical health of our students is our top priority. Professional training is very demanding on the body, which is why we offer on-site physiotherapy services to each student. Additionally, students have access to other support services like nutrition and sports psychological care. Our health professionals are specialized in the care of elite-level dance, providing preventative and rehabilitation programs to supplement training. Furthermore, nutrition is the foundation for our student’s growth. Our team provides positive eating habits to nurture students through their training.

Alberta Ballet School has partnered with the University of Calgary’s Department of Kinesiology to highlight the science behind ballet through the Alberta Ballet Dance Science Partnership. The goal of the partnership is to help support students in their pursuit of longer, healthier careers on stage.

Becoming a professional ballet dancer is an exhilarating career path through movement and musical expression. At Alberta Ballet School, we strive to provide our students with the confidence needed to leap into their professional journey. If you are interested in learning more about Alberta Ballet School and our offerings, contact us today!