Alberta Ballet School Post Graduate Program

The Post-Graduate program is designed for students who have completed their high school diploma and wish to continue their dance training before auditioning for professional dance companies. This two-year supplementary dance program provides additional support in technical and artistic skills for emerging dancers wishing to pursue a professional dance career. By participating in the Post-Graduate Program at Alberta Ballet School, students are given opportunities to make connections in pursuit of various paths in the professional field of dance that fit their goals.

Post-graduate students will participate in 35 hours of dance instruction per week, informed by Alberta Ballet School’s internationally renowned curriculum. Instruction will cover:

  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Contemporary
  • Pas de Deux
  • Body Conditioning
  • Repertoire (Classical & Contemporary)
  • Variations
  • Career Transitions

Year One sees students focus on polishing their technical and artistic talents. Attention is turned toward the strength and stamina (both physical and mental) necessary for a full-time career as a professional dancer.

In year two, the attention refocuses on auditioning and professional performance experience. Technical training continues through daily class work and performances increase. Finally, students build their portfolios and participate in career mentoring to get ready for auditions with professional companies.


Alberta Ballet School accepts 20 students to the Post Graduate program each year. The intention is to notify students of final acceptance by April 30, to begin in September. Post Graduate prospects may be asked to attend an extended audition or participate in our Summer Intensive. These measures allow the artistic faculty to further assess how a student performs in class, reacts to corrections, and adapts to the Post Graduate environment.

Alberta Ballet School is proud to be an equal opportunity institution – we do not discriminate on race, gender, or sexual orientation. There are a few requirements we deem essential for admission.

Applicants must:

  • Be 17 years of age or older
  • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent international designation)
  • Indicate confirmation of advanced technical ability and performance level through auditions
  • Upon request, provide a doctor’s note disclosing musculoskeletal injuries that could affect performance
  • Agree to participate in all research activities with current and prospective School/Ballet Company partners within the existing realm of appropriate Medical Ethics

Additionally, international students must have a valid passport and study permit. If the international student is under the age of 18 during the audition process, they must also provide a Custodian Declaration form. If the international student is coming from a country where English is not the primary language, they will need to complete an ELL Assessment form (though fluency nor proficiency is required to attend).


Alberta Ballet School has a Residence for dancers located at the Mount Royal University campus, a 15-minute drive from our school. Students have their private floors separate from other university students. Our residence program includes accommodation in a secure building, full-time, and on-site staff. Residence can be an excellent opportunity for postgraduate students to develop skills for self-reliance and independence in a safe and supportive environment. Our caring Residence Team and the Alberta Ballet School community, including fellow students, make this a opportunity to explore new responsibilities and adjust to a lifestyle that may be novel for some students.


At Alberta Ballet School, our doors are open for those from all over the world. Should you choose to place your trust in us to study at our school, we will make sure your experience is as rewarding as possible. A third of our students join us from outside Calgary, and 30% of our student body join us from outside of Canada, many of whom come from non-English speaking countries. We are extremely proud to meet students where they are in terms of language proficiency. Our exceptional team of faculty includes an English Language Learner (ELL) instructor, who provides several hours of personal instruction each week to ensure students have a safe environment to learn the language. If students with little to no English proficiency require extra support, our ELL instructor offers extra one-on-one time. As noted above, student needs are assessed based on an ELL assessment provided to all international students whose first language is not English. We have received feedback from our students that we provide a welcoming environment to develop and strengthen English language skills.


Tuition for Alberta Ballet School’s Post-Graduate Program is based on a standard school year of September to June – please note that tuition is subject to change per academic year. Tuition for the Post Graduate Program includes full-time artistic training. The residence and transportation programs are separate costs to better accommodate each student’s needs. Alberta Ballet School offers talent-based scholarships to outstanding dance students in the Professional Division, including post-graduates. Additionally, there are scholarships awarded on a combination of aptitude, deportment, and financial need. For a comprehensive list of awards the school offers, please email admissions@albertaballet.com. Such applications are due before May 1 of each year – please visit applefinancialservices.ca/apply to apply. The Alberta Provincial Government, and the Canadian Government, also offer grants for tuition assistance for Canadian students. Students and families are eligible to use funding from a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) towards Post-Graduate Program tuition.

The Post Graduate program at Alberta Ballet School is an excellent transitional program for those exiting high school and aiming to seek a position at a professional dance company. The program prepares students for all things required at a company, including technical and artistic skills, building a portfolio, audition and performance refinement, and physical and mental stamina. We aim to make the program as accessible as possible, with options for residence, equal opportunity for all those interested, and resources to better accommodate international students. If you have any questions regarding the program, residence, tuition, and funding, or anything else you may have queries about the post-graduate program at Alberta Ballet school, please contact us at admissions@albertaballet.com or 403 245 2245 EXT. 722.