Alberta Ballet School Enrichment Program

At Alberta Ballet School, we offer several different classes and programs for all ages in both of Alberta’s main cities, Calgary, and Edmonton. In both locations, we offer two streams for youth and teen dancers, ages six and up: recreational classes and the enrichment program. Recreational classes are available for students who are getting started in dance or looking to supplement their extracurricular activities. The Enrichment Program is a more comprehensive stream that allows students to build their ballet skills more fundamentally.

In our recreational classes, students will be provided with quality ballet and dance instruction in an engaging and nurturing environment. Students will learn the proper techniques and fundamentals of ballet with our experienced faculty. Recreational classes are available for preschoolers to adults looking to experience the joy of ballet.

For students who are looking to explore a more in-depth training experience, our Enrichment Program provides training through ballet and jazz. The Enrichment Program is a unique opportunity for students to nurture their love of dance, music, and the arts in a warm, welcoming environment. Keep reading to learn more about the Enrichment Program and the benefits of registering.


The Enrichment Program provides the opportunity to develop the fundamentals of ballet through movement and musical and artistic appreciation. Our dedicated faculty provide students with the Alberta Ballet School curriculum to progress safely and technically as dancers.

Through the Enrichment Program, there is the opportunity for students to take Ballet Exam with the syllabus and material required for both RAD and the Cecchetti method. The Cecchetti method seeks to develop essential skills in students which includes strength and elasticity.

To supplement the program, there are optional classes available to students in Jazz and Conditioning + Stretch. Jazz is a great compliment to any ballet training as it adds intricate rhythmic coordination and dynamic performance qualities to a dancer’s range. Conditioning and stretching aid coordination, balance, alignment, and optimizing flexibility. By exploring different dance styles, we resolve our students versatility in the way their bodies can translate movement and choreography.


The Enrichment Program is designed for students who are interested in strengthening their dance skills in the areas of ballet and modern dance. The Enrichment Program is taught by Alberta Ballet School faculty using a curriculum that prioritizes the safety and technical proficiency of dancers. This provides a low-risk but motivational environment for students to continue on their journey of exploring the joy of movement and developing musical and artistic expression.

This unique offering gives students the ability to participate in additional classes like Jazz or PBT(Progressive Ballet Technique) Classes to further their flexibility and gain strength.

All participants also have exclusive access to our faculty of experts. Through their teaching, the Alberta Ballet School faculty instill values in their student. Discipline, professionalism, care and compassion, fun and creativity, our teachers want the best for our students. Alberta Ballet School remains focused on these core values to ensure students are supported.


Our Enrichment Program offers a unique opportunity for high school students to receive credits towards their Alberta High School Diploma. If you are a student in grades 10-12 enrolled in the Enrichment Program, keep reading to learn more about the high school credit program.

Through the Ballet 15, 25, and 35 courses, students can earn up to 15 Alberta Education credits over three years. Students who complete the level 35 course, will be able to use it as a 30-level course for admissions to many post-secondary programs.

To participate in this program, the student must partake in an Alberta Ballet School assessment in which a program administration fee is applied to the dance class fee. Calgary students, this applies to participation in the YYC Dance Project, as well.


Each level targets a different age group, including a prerequisite. Previous dance experience may be required for participation in some levels of the Enrichment Program. If you have any questions about the program level, we recommend contacting our team find the best fit for you.

Enrichment Program 1

> Ages 6-7

> Schedule: Tues 5-6p, Wed 5:30-6:30p

> No prerequisite

> $1,580.00*

> Optional Jazz 1-3A or Jazz 1-3B (additional cost)

Enrichment Program 2

> Ages 7-8

> Schedule: Mon 5-6p, Thurs 5:00-6:15p and 6:15-7:15p

> No prerequisite

> $2,500.00*

> Optional Jazz 1-3A or Jazz 1-3B (additional cost)

Enrichment Program 3

> Ages 8-10

> Schedule: Mon 5-6:15p, Wed 5-6:30p and 6:30-7:30p

> No prerequisite

> $2,935.00*

> Optional Jazz 1-3A or Jazz 1-3B and exam 1 (additional cost)

Enrichment Program 4

> Ages 9-11

> Schedule: Mon 6:15-7:30p, Thurs 5:15-7p and 7:15-8:15p

> No prerequisite

> $3,090.00 *

> Optional Jazz 4/5 and exam 1 (additional cost)

Enrichment Program 5

> Ages 10-14

> Schedule: Mon 6-7:30p, Wed 5:30-6:30p and 6:30-8:30p

> Previous experience required

> $3,442.00*

> Optional Jazz 4/5 and exam 2 (additional cost)

*eligible for payment plan.

Students who register in the Enrichment Program are qualified to audition in Alberta Ballet Nutcracker and other Alberta Ballet productions with the inclusion of children cast.

Are you interested in enhancing your ballet training and engaging in a program of more in-depth training? Learn more about our Enrichment Program and contact our team today to register.