7 Unexpected Benefits of Ballet Classes for Children

Benefits of Ballet Classes

“Happiness is … watching your child dance” – Unknown

Alberta Ballet School believes that we are truly the best dance school for children in the Calgary and Edmonton area. We have worked with hundreds of students over the years; each student has an individual goal and some go on to dance professionally and many use their dance program at Alberta Ballet School as a creative outlet that is simply recreational.

Parents who are considering a dance program for their child should be aware that learning dance is not the only benefit. Ballet classes for kids can instill a love of movement but it can also burn off their energy and create a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

Alberta Ballet School knows that its ballet classes for kids develop 7 unexpected benefits.

      1. Self Confidence : It is common for Alberta Ballet School teachers to hear cautions from parents about shy children. We know that some kids cannot even make eye contact when they start their dance classes and have completely transformed after only a few months. Once a child has come out of their shell, they can begin to create strong relationships and feel as though the dance studio is a safe place for them to be themselves and build confidence. We strive to help each child – no matter their age – discover their confidence.
      2. Friendship : The relationships that a child can make during their time in ballet classes can last a lifetime. Friendships that are built on a foundation of teamwork and shared love for an activity allow children to rely on and support each other. Understanding that friends can provide an important support network is important for kids – and a dance class can start to develop that outside of the home.
      3. Vocabulary : Ballet is not just exercise for the body, but also for the mind. In our Calgary and Edmonton dance classes, your child will be learning many new terms. Anatomy terms become important as they learn the words of the human body, as well as verbs for dance movements like stretch, bend, or wiggle. We know that especially young children do not often have exposure to these terms, so we take the opportunity to challenge them, remind them, and teach them something new.
      4. Flexibility : Kids are flexible! Flexibility is an important part of ballet and an excellent way for children to maintain their limber movements. When your child is in an Alberta Ballet School dance class, they are learning how to properly stretch and build on their flexibility in a fun and safe way.
      5. Strength : Strength is essential in ballet, and it is important to start building an understanding of strength at a young age.The instructors at Alberta Ballet School have found that best way to incorporate strength building exercises is to make them imaginative and playful.Strength as well as flexibility offered through ballet classes will help your child stay healthy and build the foundation of a physically active lifestyle. These are valuable benefits, whether your child plans to take dance classes for many years, play sports, or participate in other athletic activities.
      6. Creativity : Ballet creates a unique outlet for your young dancer to translate their emotions, thoughts, and ideas into movements. Energy is encouraged in dance classes, so this is a great activity for those with children that struggle with keeping still to express their creativity. Movement is mandatory and we encourage our young students to feel music and move to it – their creativity is one of our favorite things to watch.
      7. Discipline : For many, this might be the first time a child is exposed to an authority figure that is not their parent. This allows for various learning opportunities as they adapt to new rules in an different environment. Alberta Ballet School uses these rules to encourage children to learn self-control, and respect for others.

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