August 2022

Top Tips for Male Ballet Dancers A Guide for Dance Students in Edmonton and Calgary Male ballet dancers possess many admirable qualities. They are reliably strong and make excellent partners in class. Since ballet is a traditionally female dominated art form, male students are in the unique position to become role models for boys who also wish to pursue dance. Amidst all the myths and clichés that surround male ballet dancers, being a male dancer comes with its own sets of challenges and rewards, in addition to having a number of responsibilities that go beyond playing a supportive role to their ballerina. If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, don’t let the stigma stop you from reaching your goals. Find the perfect dance class for you at our dance academy in Edmonton or Calgary today. 5 Tips Every Male Ballet Dancer Should Know If you are interested in becoming a ballet dancer or you are wondering how to build on your existing training and advance your career, here are 5 tips that can help you break down barriers and become a more successful dancer: 1. Release Your Inhibitions: Don’t let a dance studio dominated by females stop you from pursuing ballet if you’re interested in learning more. Female dancers always welcome the addition, and it is a good way to get exercise, learn discipline and build your confidence. If you have a young son who expresses interest in taking ballet lessons, it is important to support your child in making that decision and if you are already a male dancer, don’t let your peers stop you from achieving your goals. 2. Connect with Your Teacher: In ballet class, it is important to ask your teacher questions. After all, teachers are there to support you and demonstrate how to perform movements properly. If you’re too intimidated during class to raise questions or concerns, approach your teacher afterwards for help. They will be happy to offer you assistance as they want you to see you succeed as you progress through your dance classes in Calgary. 3. Stay in Shape: Ballet dancers have the unique ability to make the art form look easy. However, as a male dancer, it actually requires you to have a high level of strength, stamina and flexibility. It is important to vary your fitness routine between cardio and weight training to help you stay physically fit throughout training at your Edmonton dance academy. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is also important and avoid anything that contains excessive amounts of sugar. 4. Apply for Dance Programs and Scholarships: Male ballet dancers may be rare but that can certainly work to your advantage. Companies and schools are eager to welcome male talent, so it is important to do your research and apply to train at any studios you are interested in. If your goal is to pursue a professional dance career, consider applying to an intensive program at a major ballet company. 5. Build Your Resumé: Always be on the lookout for opportunities to train and perform. You may want to consider training with multiple instructors which can help build up your resumé. Additionally, volunteer in community dance programs and events to further build your experience and expand your network. For the Best Dance Classes in Edmonton and Calgary, Enroll at Alberta Ballet School Male dancers always have a place in ballet class, especially at Alberta Ballet School. With locations in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta Ballet School offers both open division and professional programming, taught by our highly educated and qualified faculty. Students will receive quality instruction and our staff are committed to ensuring all dancers can develop their skills in a safe, and positive learning environment. Whether you pursue dance recreationally or go on to have a professional career, our goal is to inspire a life-long love and appreciation of this art form through an intensive and inspiring curriculum. For more information about any of our dance programs, please give us a call at 403-245-2274 ext. 722 or fill out our online contact form and we will be happy to assist you. Whether you’re young or mature, male or female, everyone is welcome to train at our dance academy in Edmonton and take dance classes in Calgary.

Top Tips for Male Ballet Dancers

Alberta Ballet School | 11 Aug 2022

A GUIDE FOR Male DANCE STUDENTS IN EDMONTON AND CALGARY Male ballet dancers possess many admirable qualities, such as being reliably strong, that make them excellent partners in adult ballet. Since ballet is traditionally a female …

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What Muscles Does Ballet Strengthen?

Alberta Ballet School | 7 Aug 2022

“Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.” A ballet dancer’s movements can be elegant and airy. Through dance classes and lessons, dancers train so their performance looks effortless and graceful, however, …


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