10 Secret Benefits of Adult Ballet Training

adult dance classes

“You don’t stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing.” – Unknown

At Alberta Ballet School, we offer recreational ballet classes for adults, ages 16 and older. Whether you are new to ballet or are looking to get back to the barre after many years we offer several levels of ballet classes that are all accompanied by a talented pianist.

Ballet has so many benefits for an adult dancer. Our adult dance classes in Calgary and in Edmonton focus not only on teaching dance but inspiring adults to step into confidence, creativity, and positivist.

Our team focuses on building 10 benefits through our adult dance classes:

      1. Confidence: It is gratifying to see yourself improve at something! Our adult students often say how they feel better about themselves, their skills, and their bodies as they continue their ballet classes. Ballet can transform the way that you think about your body and challenge your mind in ways that other activities cannot.
      2. Relaxation:  Adult ballet students often report how they have found dance classes to be the best form of stress relief they have found. The concentration that it takes to focus on an exercise is almost meditative and can act as a distraction from your daily life.
      3. Body Positivity:  Ballet is an excellent form of exercise that can help tone muscles and help you practice a healthy lifestyle. At Alberta Ballet School, we believe that anyone can participate in a ballet class, regardless of their fitness level. Movement and exercise have so many positive mental health benefits. When you feel good it is much easier to be positive about your progress and your body.
      4. Energy Boosts:  Ballet is often a great way of self-expression which can lift spirits and boost your mood. We know you will enjoy the increase of endorphins and the feeling you get after a great dance lesson.
      5. Improved Cognitive Function:  Learning ballet exercise scan keep your brain and memory sharp. Ballet not only stretches your body but your mind too. It is a chance to challenge yourself and think about movement in a new way.
      6. Posture:  Form is incredibly important when it comes to ballet dancing, and many of the positions require great posture. Due to the core and back muscle strengthening that our adult dancers experience, our instructors often hear about their students’ improved posture.
      7. Coordination:  Adult ballet classes help to improve posture, balance, strength, and flexibility in a fun and relaxed environment. All these traits influence the improvement of your coordination.
      8. Flexibility:  It would only make sense that an increase in your body’s flexibility would be seen after beginning ballet lessons. A portion of your ballet classes will be devoted to stretching. We know how rewarding it will feel as you watch how far your body has come from your first class to the end of the season.
      9. Strength:  Ballet dancing is not just flexibility– strong muscles are a key component of proper technique. When you begin your dance lessons, you will quickly learn that it takes a lot of strength to move your body in a controlled, yet graceful way.
      10. Endurance: Many adult ballet students have told our Calgary and Edmonton instructors about their increased endurance and stamina levels. Activities or movements that were once strenuous,have become easier since introducing dancing into their lives. Whether it translates into another sport or activity or simply keeping up with kids and household chores – endurance is an important characteristic for adults.

We know that starting something new (whether you are 16 or 60) can seem intimidating. We invite you to dance with us and find a new passion that will challenge your body to move in new ways. No matter your experience level you are never too late to step up to the barre.

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